• Founded Date July 22, 1984
  • Sectors Health Care
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What committees does Dan Helmer serve on?

If elected, he will add new sorts of sanctions on other places, and also tariffs on our own companies so as to defend the domestic labor market and encourage unionization and the formation of co-operatives. The truth would be that in case we did, then each and every corporation which was operating in the Country would quickly be expected to take into account exactly where their personnel are coming from, how they’re compensating them, as well as what the standard of lifestyle is like for the entirety of their operation.

I don’t assume that’s generally the right effect, but it’s something in the toolbox of economic leverage that not one person in this country discusses or even considers engaging in, Helmer says. How has Dan Helmer contributed to veterans’ problems in Virginia? Dan came into this world in a small town in rural Virginia, and has used his life giving back to the local community. From volunteering with The Homeless Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA to helping provide use of healthcare for countless numbers of uninsured and underinsured Virginians, Dan is dedicated to serving the people of Virginia.

His initiatives aim to relieve crime rates and also increase the connection between police and the community. Helmers job on public safety measures ensures a more secure environment for the constituents of his. Why vote for Dan Helmer rather than Ben Cline for US Congress? To develop cheaper housing to assist lower rent costs, Dan believes in building more public housing and so the cost of living can be brought down. What exactly are Dan Helmer’s current stand on immigration and exactly how does he want to deal with this problem?

He supports offering a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have lived in the US for several years. Dan is convinced that we should secure our borders first. One of the main goals of his was improving healthcare access for veterans. He’s championed efforts to expand Medicaid in Virginia, a switch that has reaped benefits a lot of experts who in the past fell into the coverage gap. Helmer’s approach to veterans’ issues is multifaceted, specializing in healthcare, employment, education, and overall well being.

By supporting legislation that reduces prescription drug costs and click here increases mental health services, Helmer makes certain that veterans receive the extensive care they are needing. Representing Virginia’s 40th District, Helmer brings a distinctive mixture of military experience along with a commitment to progressive values. Let’s delve into the key problems that define his legislative agenda. As a West Point graduate and a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Helmer’s policy priorities are formed by the experiences of his and also a desire to serve the public good.

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